The San Buenaventura Power Plant is designed to become the first supercritical coal plant in the Philippines.


It is a more efficient, state-of-the-art 500-megawatt power facility that will rise on land within an existing plant in Mauban, Quezon. Aside from using supercritical boiler technology which is becoming the system of choice for new commercial coal-fired plants in many countries, the San Buenaventura Power Plant will also employ the latest in emissions control technology.


It has its own coal supply and storage capabilities. The coal will be moved from the coal yard to the boiler via new covered overland conveyors to prevent potential spills of coal and protect the environment. The coal will come from existing suppliers that have proven track record for consistency and quality.


All personnel will be safely housed at the site with the expansion of the Quezon Power Village. The new plant will have a covered turbine deck to protect personnel from the sun wind, and rain. This will also make the plant easier to maintain.


The plant will also include an electrostatic precipitator for flyash capture and removal, as well as a sea water desulfurizer system to ensure that emissions levels are maintained below international and local standards. A stack with height similar to the original plant will also help ensure that any emissions are dispersed in accordance with local requirements.


With these in place, the plant will be the one of the most advanced and efficient plants in the country upon its completion. It will provide reliable electricity to the consumers in Luzon at very affordable prices.


The construction of the San Buenaventura Power Plant will bring forth an efficient, state-of the-art facility developed and managed by proven management teams, all with one goal: To provide reliable and affordable power to Luzon.


The San Buenaventura Power Plant is set to begin commercial operations in the first half 2019.

Project Timeline